Services On Mobile

1. Message for Balance Inquiry :: If you want to know your account balance in your mobile

Type ATM BAL and Send it to ’09672617575?

2. Last Five Recharge Details :: If you want to check last five recharges detail

TYPE ATM LST and Send it to ’09672617575

3. Load Transfer :: If you want to Transfer the load

TYPE ATM AMT*LOGINID*AMOUNT and Send it to ’09672617575

4. Refund Request :: If you want to create Refund Request of the Recharge

TYPE ATM REF TXNID and Send it to ’09672617575

5. Register User :: If you want to Register the users


To recharge on any mobile any registred associate can send SMS on company’s virtual no. 09672617575. To send sms please user below mentioned code as ATM ’Service Provider Code”Mobile Number to Recharge‘A’Amount to Recharge‘ and send it to 09672617575. NOTE: We Are not responsible for the SMS cost implemented by their Service Providers for the SMS sent to Our Gateway Numbers for Easy recharge or other Purposes.